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The complete version of our software designed to make 3D printing friendly and easy to use.

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The complete version of our software designed to take 3D printing to a new level: friendly and easy to use, allowing beginner and expert users to generate incredible 3D models ready to be printed. 3D text: Place the text that you want and turn it into a 3D object. Boolean operations: The only microcad for 3D printing that allows you to make boolean operations. Revolution tool: Design a end to end silouette and the revolution tool will create a 3D object outside of it, spinning in an axis. G-code export: Exports G-code with the pre-determined options or use advanced mode to personalize parameters. G-code visor: Visualize the layers of your model for 3D printing. Import, organize and print: Use this powerful tool to place your models, scale their size and adjust them for an excellent 3D print.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Windows 7, 64 Bit, 4 ram, Mouse, or I3 dual core processor.
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