What is Colibrí 3D?

Colibrí 3D is the first 3D printer created by 100% Mexican talent.

What comes in the box?

Inside the box you will find the Colibrí 3D printer, power cord, USB cable, filament spool and manual.

How can I download Constructor?

In the “SUPPORT-UPDATES” section you will find the information and download instructions for this application.

What are the dimensions of the printer?

You can print within an area of 260 x 170 x 155 mm (X Y Z).

What kind of filament does it uses?

Right now it uses PLA filament.

How long does the filament last?

The duration depends on the number of objects you print. Other considerations are the layer height and the type of fill-in.

Where can I get 3D models?

3D Byte is a Web-based community where people share and download 3D models

Where can I report a technical problem?

You can use the contact form in the “Support” section, where you can describe the problem to get an answer from our experts.

What is a STL file?

It´s a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) format that defines the geometry of 3D objects, excluding information such as color, textures or physical characteristics that do include other CAD formats. It was created to be used in the fast prototyping industry and by systems for computer-aided manufacturing. Thanks to the growing market of 3D printers, the STL format is being widely used by software that controls these devices.

What is a G-code file?

It is mainly used in computer-aided manufacturing in order to control automated machine tools. G-Code is often called G programing language.

What format should the USB drive have?

The USB flash drive can be FAT12/16/32. It is recommended 4 to 8 GB.

Startup routine and white screen

This can happen because the printer has a “bootloader” function that makes it possible to program the control card through the COM port. This function is activated by holding the limit switch of the Z axis when turning on the printer, so it won´t begin with the “Startup” routine. To prevent the “bootloader” routine you need to manually rotate the Z axis (the central screw) counterclockwise while the printer is off. Once the screw has turn enough so it´s not pushing the limit switch of the Z axis, you can use the printer normally.

The name of the file shows a -read error- or it´s passing to the next line

It is recommended that the name does not exceed 14 characters, including spaces.

I found filament residues in my new printer

This can happen because our technical experts test all printers before going out of the production line, which can leave some residues.

Where can I find the firmware version of my printer?

In the display follow this route: Main menu->Information->More information.

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