Constructor PRO is a powerful software, designed to be the perfect solution for 3D printing. It’s a set of tools integrated under a simple, friendly and easy-to-use interface, which allows both beginners and experts in 3D design to create incredible print-ready models.

3D Text

Place any text you want and it turns into a 3d object.

Boolean operations

Union | Difference | Intersection
The only micro cad software, for 3D printing that enables you to perform boolean operations.

Revolution tool

Design a siluette point by point and the revolution tool creates a 3d object out of it, revolving arround a central axis.

G Code Export

Export your GCODE with default options or use the advanced mode to use custom parameters.

G Code Viewer

In a dynamic way, visualize the layers of your model for 3D Printing.

Import, organize & print

Use this powerful tool to place your models, scale its size and adjust them for an excellent impression.