3D Printing
as it should be

Are you an architect who needs quality, realistic mockups? Or an engineer who requires fast, reliable prototypes? Perhaps an university student who wants affordable construction designs? It doesn’t matter. Colibri IOT is the right choice for these and many other professionals in search for a cutting-edge 3D printer that stands out for its speed and versatility.

High performance and versatility

Boosting great printing capabilities, speed and excellent resolution, Colibri IOT lets you bring your ideas to life with the flexibility and quality that you need.

Cutting-edge design and manufacturing

It is solid and beautiful. Colibri IOT is the perfect example of how a robust, durable product can also have a sleek, shinny design and a high-quality finish.

Powerful, easy-to-use software

Need help creating your models? We offer you a set of intuitive software tools, which allows you to easily design, print and share your own 3D creations.

The best supplies for every taste

Red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, silver and even transparent… your 3D creations can look anyway you want with our wide range of filament available.

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Printing area and speed, layer height, connectors and weight are some of the technical details for those who need numbers to make their choice.

Print from your phone

Make the 3d printing simpler, now you can connect to your IoT printer via WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G. Check the history of impressions, in case you forget to print something. All the advantages of 3D printing in the palm of your hand.

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